Shrewsbury School

Parents' Association (SSPA)

The Shrewsbury School Parents' Association (SSPA) plays a key role in school life for all parents, both boarding and day. 

The Association's core purpose is to offer a range of social events throughout the year, which enable parents and staff to mix in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and in so doing strengthen relationships and add to the vibrancy of the overall Shrewsbury School experience.  It is a not-for-profit organisation and that seeks only to cover costs; any profits made are donated to nominated school charities. The SSPA events are generally held on dates where parents travelling from afar might already be in the vicinity - i.e. at end of terms/next to coach weekends.

Parents of Old Salopians and prospective parents are also very welcome at any of the SSPA events – any that are coming up in the near future will be listed here.

To have a look at some of the previous SSPA events, please click on the image links on this page.


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