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OS Connect

OS Connect is an exciting new platform to enable former Shrewsbury School students to keep in touch with one another, share ideas, promote events, and offer and access a range of careers-related support.

In a world that is increasingly competitive, the opportunity to share ideas and seek advice from industry experts is an attractive one. We hope that you will find it a helpful and useful resource, and one that can help open up networks for the future.

OS Connect is very user-friendly and completely free to join. Once you have signed in, you will be able to update your details, contact other Old Salopians directly, and post messages and job opportunities. You'll also be able to search for fellow OS by year or by House, and you can create your own interest groups.

Joining OS Connect is completely free and easy to do. Please follow the link:



I would just like to say what an amazing idea OS Connect is. As someone getting ready to leave University next year and enter the world of work, it is so reassuring to have so many people I can turn to for advice and help.
Old Salopian
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