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The news 100 years ago - Old Salopians in WW1

This project sets out to commemorate all former boys and masters of Shrewsbury School who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914-18. Each week the names of those from the School who died 100 years ago are published. Where possible, archival and other relevant material is included. It is hoped to build up a rolling archive over the four years of the War.

We are delighted to be linking with St Chad's Church in Shrewsbury on this project. A weekly service of remembrance is taking place every Wednesday at 5pm in St Chad’s to commemorate those from Shropshire who died this week 100 years ago. All are welcome to any of the services.

As we build up this project during the years 2014-18, do please contact Annabel Warburg [] if you have any additional material you would like to present, or if we have inadvertently made any errors. We are grateful to Research Assistants Martha Pownall (MSH) and George Young (O) for their help in compiling the weekly instalments.

Please also see the Old Salopians in World War 1 page in the Old Salopian section of this website, which includes a full list of all OS who died during the War.

'The School will not forget'
A poem written by the then Headmaster of Shrewsbury School, Revd C.A. Alington, was published in The Times in December 1914. It is included in these pages, as it movingly articulates not only the thoughts of those left behind in 1914 to carry on the day-to-day business of the School, but also those of Salopians living and working here at Shrewsbury School 100 years later: To the School at War - a poem by Revd C.A. Alington, 1914

For more details about this project please see: This week 100 years ago - background

The most recent weekly instalment of news from 100 years ago is displayed below.

To view our cumulative news archive and the names and obituaries of all Old Salopians who lost their lives during WW1, please click on the year 2017 (below left) and then scroll back through 2016 and 2015 to August 2014.

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