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You may well remember the Careers Department when you attended Shrewsbury School. Situated centrally in the Moser Quad, opposite the main school library, you would have walked past the entrance most days during your time on site.

This is now called the Futures Department, and during the past eighteen months, the support Old Salopians have offered the team has been invaluable in supporting current pupils with their planning.

This brochure provides a sample of some of the activities that use the support of Old Salopians, and we would warmly receive any offers of support as we move into what promises to be a unique and potentially challenging new academic year.

Please follow this link to read our Ready for a World of Futures publications

Careers assistance for current pupils and Old Salopians is a core activity of the Salopian Club.

Given the fast-changing and unstable job market, the challenges facing Shrewsbury School alumni and current pupils are considerable. Accordingly Oliver O'Callaghan-Brown (R 1981-86 - pictured right) has recently been elected Salopian Club Careers Chairman and he will be working with the Club and the School to review and redevelop the support offered.  Here is his latest message:

'The purpose of the Careers section of the Salopian Club is to help to create and maintain links between the Club members and the School. To that end we have created both a Facebook Group and a Linked-in  Group The aim is to facilitate communication and assistance amongst the Old Salopian Community and between it and those about to leave school and university. Although the careers department at the school is in a temporary state of flux at the time of writing, the Salopian Club is trying to establish an informal database of those who might be interested in helping other Salopians, both new or old, with careers advice and assistance. I would like to invite any and everyone visiting this site to click on the links above if they are looking for or happy to provide help to fellow Salopians.'

The goal of all careers education at Shrewsbury is to provide professional guidance, networking opportunities and access to work experience to equip our pupils and young leavers to compete more effectively in their chosen field, rather than to place them directly into jobs. Success in this job market is built on excellent knowledge, high levels of self-awareness and effective networking, and the Club works closely with the Careers Fellow and the Old Salopian network to provide that as much as possible.

The service the Club aims to provide covers the following areas:

One-to-one advice on a particular profession or sector

General advice on getting into the workplace, preparation for interviews, techniques etc.

Help with tailoring CVs aimed at particular professions or sectors

Interview practice

Work experience

Careers talks and films given by Old Salopians to exaplin their career paths

Assistance at the School’s annual Careers Fair in the Summer Term  


There are several ways for Old Salopians to get involved in the careers education programme at the School and share your professional expertise with current and former pupils:

Professional Groups are small clusters of OS around certain professions who respond to enquiries about their careers from pupils and younger OS

One hour Careers Talks run in the Lent Term each year and are given by Old Salopians to current pupils.  We are now also rolling out a series of films - do let us know if you would like ot feature.

The Lower Sixth Careers Fair runs every Summer Term, and gives pupils a chance to hear short talks in three different areas of career interest. The talks are followed by a networking reception

Offers of Work Experience are always welcome; this can mean a single day of shadowing or something longer, so if you would like to offer that, the Careers Fellow can help you manage an application process to select pupils to participate

Keep the information the School holds about your professional life up to date and opt in to make it available (see below), so that we can find you if we need you!  Please contact us at

Pictured (below) at the Lower 6th Careers Fair: Nicola Spruyt (EDH), Sophie Rissbrook (EDH), Current Parent and PwC Partner, Sue Rissbrook, Greg Bunting (Rb), Joe Bell (Rb) and Dan Edwards (S)













 Business details for Old Salopians are held on the database where they have been supplied.  We encourage all Old Salopians to keep this up to date by contacting the office.  Data Protection rules apply and we only share data if people have opted-in to do this.  If you have not already done so, you can opt-in to sharing your contact details with other Old Salopians by contacting the office.

The Salopian Club LinkedIn group is primarily a job and career-related networking service (rather than purely a social group like Facebook) and you will need to join LinkedIn and set up a profile.


There is now a large (and growing) Old Salopian Facebook Group which can be used for work experience requests/offers.  If you are a Facebook user already, just ask to join, otherwise you will be invited to set up a free Facebook account.

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