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The Salopian Club

Welcome to the Salopian Club.  We are here to continue what we hope will be life-long links with the School and we aim to be a one-stop shop for Alumni information, careers, news, activities and sport.  To read about the governance of the Club, please continue to read here.

The Club currently comprises about 8,000 past pupils and members of staff, many of whom have become national names in fields as varied as astronomy and satire. However, rather less well known but equally important is the tremendous sense of community that our Old Salopians have with one another and with the School.  Despite a diverse range of ages, occupations, and interests, the shared experience of years at Kingsland creates a great bond between them.

The Salopian Club exists to enable that sense of community to flourish – helping members get or keep in touch, and to continue to support the School in many diverse ways.  Social and sporting events take place throughout the year, many of them at Shrewsbury, but some are national and even international events.

The Salopian Magazine

Our twice yearly magazine 'The Salopian' helps to keep Old Salopians in contact with and informed about their contemporaries, as well as keeping them in touch with progress and development at the School, and email news updates are sent out bi-monthly by the Director. 

PDF COPY:  The Salopian magazine is  available in electronic (pdf) format.  If you would prefer to receive your copy electronically, please email


All those who have been educated at Shrewsbury School are eligible to be members of the Club - and become Life Members through subscription as part of the School fees.

Academic staff are invited to become Honorary Members after two years service at the School. Other staff and Governors and those connected to the School can also be invited to become members.
Objects of the Club

To promote links and fellowship between Salopians of all ages.
To organise activities (sporting, cultural, social, business) in support of the above.
Together with the Governors, School and Foundation, to promote Old Salopians’ knowledge of and involvement in the success and prosperity of the School.
To help Salopians make the transition into their working lives and support the development of their careers.


The management of the Club is the responsibility of a Management Committee which, together with the Headmaster, appoints a Director to carry out the executive duties.

The Management Committee is supported by the Club Committee which meets biannually and is made up of the Management Committee, the Chairs for each aspect of the Club's activities and representatives of the School and the Foundation.

Pictured above right, the Club Committee in session in June 2017.  Clockwise from far left:  Oliver O'Callaghan-Brown (R 1981-86) - Committee Member; Hugh Ramsbotham - Past President; Peter Fanning - Arts and Activities Chairman; Catriona Dry - Careers Fellow; Tony Barker (DB 1968-73) - Committee Member; Nicholas Barber (SH 1954-58) - President Elect;  John Rolfe - Director, Shrewsbury School Foundation; Richard Boys-Stones (SH 1968-73) - Hon. Treasurer; Henry Unwin (Rt 2001-2006) - Young OS Joint Chair; Kate Hodge - Administrator; Peter Stewart (Ch 1958-63) - Chairman; Nick Jenkins - Director; Mark Turner - Shrewsbury School Headmaster; Sir Michael Simmons (DB 1950-55) - President.  Photo taken by Peter Birch (DB 1966-71) - Sports Chairman.

Management Committee:

Chairman  Peter Stewart (Ch 1958-63)
Vice-Chairman  Position currently vacant
Hon Treasurer  Richard Boys-Stones (SH 1968-73)
President  Air Marshal Sir Michael Simmons  (DB 50-55)
Director  Nick Jenkins


Strategy and Plans

A revised Strategic Plan (2014-19) has been drawn up.  The Plan describes what the Club will do, by when, and the resources and funding needed (including the level of subscriptions).  It is available to download here.  The draft 5-year Financial Plan can be downloaded hereThese plans were approved at the AGM on 4 October 2014.

2016 - 17 Annual Plan and Budget

The 2016-17 annual plan and budget is available to download here.


The 2016 AGM was held on Thursday 17th November 2016, at the Travellers Club, London, immediately prior to City Drinks.

The minutes of the AGM can be viewed here.

President - Air Marshal Sir Michael Simmons KCB AFC (DB 1950-55)

Michael Simmons, son of George Simmons (master 1928 to 1964), was born in Shrewsbury in 1937.  After 5 years at Packwood Haugh, in 1950 he entered Shrewsbury as a Dayboy.  He played all sports with enthusiasm but (on his own admission) no great distinction although he did end up as Head of House and as a Praepostor.  As soon as he was eligible, he joined the RAF Section of the CCF and with encouragement from Arnold Hagger and Basil Saint developed a strong desire to become a RAF pilot.  While still at school he was awarded a flying scholarship which enabled him to spend the summer holidays of 1954 learning to fly and qualifying for a private pilot’s licence.

On leaving Shrewsbury in 1955, Michael went to the RAF College at Cranwell to start his career in the RAF.  After three years at Cranwell, proudly wearing his pilot’s wings, he was posted to join No 6 Squadron based in Cyprus flying Canberra bombers.  On completion of this tour he was appointed as ADC to the Commander in Chief of Flying Training Command (Air Marshal Sir Augustus Walker).  During this tour he succeeded in getting Air Marshal Walker invited to Shrewsbury as Reviewing Officer at the annual CCF Inspection.  The inspecting officer’s arrival on the site by helicopter caused considerable excitement.

Thereafter Michael returned to flying duties serving on three squadrons operating Canberra aircraft in the reconnaissance role. His work on the last of these led in 1969 to the award of “The Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air”. The next four years were spent in ground appointments in the London area, the first of which was one year at the Royal Naval Staff College at Greenwich.

The sequence of alternate ground and flying appointments continued until he was finally posted to the Ministry of Defence in 1986.  The flying appointments included commanding a Buccaneer Squadron in Germany (awarded Air Force Cross), a RAF Station in the UK flying Tornados (appointed ADC to HM the Queen), and command of a Group comprising some 15 Stations in the UK and abroad (appointed CB).  Grounded at last, Michael went back to the Ministry of Defence for three years as Assistant Chief of Air Staff and finally, in the rank of Air Marshal, for his last three years in uniform as the senior RAF Officer in the Defence Procurement Executive (promoted to KCB).

On leaving the RAF, Michael worked for 8 years as the CEO of two animal welfare charities.  In addition to his commitment to the Salopian Club, he is currently President of Ashridge Golf Club and of his local Branch of the Royal British Legion.

Chairman - Peter Stewart (Ch 1958-63)

Peter (pictured at OS Day 2014, in the centre of the photo with his predecessor as Chairman, David Thomas (Rt 1971-75) on his right and the new Sports Chairman, Peter Birch (DB 1966-71) on his left) was born in Montgomery and was educated at The Old Hall School, Shrewsbury School and Queens’ College Cambridge where he read Law.  He retired in 2010 as Senior Partner with the firm of Wace Morgan, Solicitors in Shrewsbury.

Peter has served  on a number of Committees, most recently the  Severn Hospice and the Shropshire Welfare Trust.   He has maintained a keen interest in sport as a player and spectator.

For the last seven years Peter has undertaken the role of Under Sheriff of Shropshire and was commissioned as a Deputy Lieutenant of the County in 2011.

Peter is married to Carolyn and they have two daughters, Imogen and Eloise.  

Director - Lt Col Nick Jenkins, OBE

Educated at Rugby School and Trinity College, Cambridge, Nick was commissioned into The Royal Green Jackets in 1970 where he saw service in Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Falkland Islands and UK (including Northern Ireland and the MOD). From 1989-1992 he was the Commanding Officer 5th (Shropshire and Herefordshire) Battalion The Light Infantry and was awarded the OBE in the Queen’s Birthday 1992 Honours List. 

In 1992, Nick (pictured above, in the centre, with his sons William (SH 1999-04) and David (R 2003-08) joined the staff at Shrewsbury School, teaching Classics.  From 1995-2009, he was Housemaster of Oldham’s Hall.  He took up his post as Director in February, 2014.

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