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Shrewsbury School launches Girls’ Football Programme

Shrewsbury School crest

Shrewsbury School launches Girls’ Football Programme

Shrewsbury School is pleased to announce the launch of our Girls’ Football programme, which was celebrated by hosting our first ever U14 Girls’ Football Festival.

The launch of the Girls’ Football programme was also championed by two professional sportswomen, former England player Laura Bassett and current Manchester United player Aoife Mannion, who visited the School to meet with our girls’ football team for a Q&A session, offering the best advice to our up-and-coming players.

The sporting pair also spent time with the 12 other local schools that visited Shrewsbury for the U14 Girls’ Football Festival.

Former England player and Sports pundit Laura Bassett said: “It’s fantastic that Shrewsbury has introduced women’s football. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and enjoy the sport, and a team sport brings so many social skills that are transferable into other sports and life.”

Manchester United and Women’s Super League player Aoife Mannion added: “It’s so important that Shrewsbury School has introduced girls’ football here. It’s great that all the girls here get the opportunity to be involved in football.

“These girls are the first generation that can even aspire to be a professional footballer, but even if that’s not an aspiration, you can still get involved with the game and have fun. Events like today’s football festival are so important – for all the girls to be involved in that kind of atmosphere is really exciting.”

Girls’ football will start at Shrewsbury School in the Lent term and we look forward to seeing our pupils on the pitches.

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Shrewsbury School launches Girls’ Football Programme