Shrewsbury School

OSYC Rules


1. The Club shall be called the Old Salopian Yacht Club
2. The objectives of the Club shall be to maintain and further interest in sailing
amongst alumni of Shrewsbury School, including participating in and
organising regattas and other events
3. Membership shall be open to any member of the Old Salopian Club
4. The Committee may invite others, not eligible under Rule 3, to become
members or honorary members
5. The Officers of the Club shall be elected by the members at the Annual
General Meeting and shall serve for two years. They shall be eligible for reelection
but no officer may serve an unbroken term of more than eight years.
The Officers shall be:
• The Commodore
• The Secretary
• The Treasurer
• The Sailing Secretary
6. The management of the Club and of its finances shall be in the hands of the
7. The funds of the Club shall in the main be used to defray expenses relating to
the organisation of, and participation in, sailing events where a number of
members are present
8. Expenditure shall be authorised by the Officers in accordance to limits to be
agreed annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer shall present
accounts annually at the Annual General Meeting
9. The Officers shall designate one of them to represent the Club towards the Old
Salopian Club if required
10. Subscription fees shall be payable by all members except those who have left
the School within the last five years – who need pay only an initial joining fee.
The level of subscription shall be set at the Annual General Meeting. Annual
subscriptions are due on 1 July each year to cover the 12 months following.
11. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in London or Shrewsbury or in any
other readily accessible location determined by the Officers. Notice shall be
given in the Old Salopian Newsletter or by other reasonable means, including
email. The Commodore shall normally be in the Chair but may nominate one
of the other Officers in his/her place
12. Other general meetings may be called by the Committee, or by at least six
members, after giving a minimum of three weeks’ notice
13. For all meetings, voting may be in person at the meeting, by telephone where
such arrangements have been made, or through proxy instructions submitted to
the Chair in advance of the meeting
14. Except as provided below for rule changes and winding up, motions at any
General Meeting shall be considered passed if a majority of votes are cast in
favour and if at least six votes are cast. In the event that an equal number of
votes are cast for and against a motion the Chair shall have an additional,
casting vote
15. These rules may be altered, or added to, at any General Meeting at which
more than six votes are cast, provided that two-thirds or more of those voting
are in favour
16. In the event that the Club is wound up, for whatever reason or by whatever
means, any surplus assets of the Club shall revert to the Old Salopian Club.
The Officers and members of the Yacht Club shall at no time have any
entitlement to participate in surplus assets.
17. A decision to wind the Club up may be taken at any general meeting of the
Club properly convened in accordance with the rules above at which more
than ten votes are cast and where a minimum of two thirds of those voting are
in favour. Such a decision shall not take effect without ratification at a second
general meeting, properly convened within eight weeks of the date of the
original meeting and with the same majority and quorum requirements.
18. If any Annual General Meeting is inquorate, with fewer than six members
voting, the Officers shall call a special general meeting within six months to
complete the business of the Annual General Meeting. If no quorate general
meeting is held within any 24-month period the Officers of the Club shall refer
the matter to the committee of the Old Salopian Club. Under such
circumstances the committee of the Old Salopian Club shall have powers to
order the immediate winding up of the Yacht Club or to permit a further
period of up to twelve months for the holding of a quorate general meeting.

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